What is the craziest tip you have ever gotten when it comes to your car? For me, it came from my Dad.  I remember stepping down into my new-to-me 96’ Toyota Corolla (dark green, named Bubba), my Dad hopped into the passenger seat, cracking the usual Dad joke about hanging onto the “oh crap” bar and alerting his friends that I would be on the road before pulling out of the driveway.  


I received the usual tips about adjusting mirrors, making sure my seat position was comfortable, and obviously finding the PERFECT radio station before pulling out of the driveway.  The next tip he gave me was the most unexpected and seemingly illogical tip I have ever heard.  My dad told me to run the car as close to empty as I was comfortable with so I would know exactly how far my car could go before sputtering out and leaving me stranded.  If it isn’t obvious from the advice, my dad and I are officially the kind of people that you would likely be frustrated with.  You would hop into my car and likely find it at less than half a tank on the regular.  Don’t worry friends, I know how far I can go before the necessary stop at the gas station.  


However, I would advise you to be better than me.  Before causing irreparable damage to your car, here are some tips for improving fuel efficiency:    

  • Easy on the gas pedal.  Your car is not a rocket ship.  No need to punch the gas pedal hoping it jets you off into outer space. 

  • Use the recommended fuel for your car.  The manufacturer suggestion isn’t a conspiracy theory to get you to spend more on fuel or to deteriorate your car faster.  It’s an honest to goodness suggestion meant to enhance the performance of your vehicle based on how it is built. 

  • Inflate your tires to the correct pressures.  Running on low tire pressure increases the rolling resistance of your tire on the ground.  Therefore, robbing it of precious fuel efficiency. 

  • Stick to the recommended motor oil for your car and change it on time.  Major car brands like Mazda have spent extensive time and money in order to recommend all the right components to get peak performance from your vehicle.  Trust the recommendations for your vehicle and change it on time for the safety and overall performance of your vehicle. Schedule a service appointment here. 

    Fuel Economy
  • Replace your air filter and spark plugs.  Not only will your car last longer, but your engine will burn gas more efficiently.


  • Check your gas cap seal.  Over time, the rubber seal on your gas cap can start to break down.  When this happens, more oxygen will get to your engine as it pulls from the gas tank and in turn, the engine will burn more gas. 

  • Plan and combine your trips.  This goes without saying- the fewer the trips and stops you make in and aroun

  • d town, the more gas you save. 

  • Use your Mazda’s cruise control.  Maintaining the speed limit on the highway is not only safe, it’s fuel efficient!

  • Keep your car as light as possible.  Yes, you need to carry items around town, but remember to take them out when they are no longer needed.  Less weight=less resistance which can help your fuel efficiency. 


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to increase your fuel economy.  Most of this comes back to keeping your car in good running order, following your manufacturer guidelines, and treating your Mazda like the queen she is. 


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